17 E. Third Street, Lewistown, PA 17044

Preschool Schedule

Pre-K classes meet 4 days/week:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Morning Class: 9:00-11:15 AM    or    Afternoon Class: 12:15-2:30 PM



(This schedule is flexible based on the needs of the children and spontaneous learning opportunities)


First Circle Time

The children spend about 30 minutes at Circle Time – but don’t worry, they don’t sit for that long! This part of class time jumps into the curriculum’s theme with a predictable routine of songs, moving and learning activities, stories, etc. Our curriculum breaks the first circle time into four parts, each with a specific focus: building a sense of being a school family, individual uniqueness, and responsibility, and introducing the day’s theme. There is also a short (5 minute or less) “daily message” written on the white board that’s designed to build alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness, and print concepts.


Learning Centers

After the first circle, the children are divided into groups and spend the next hour expanding on the theme that was introduced in the first circle. Two centers are teacher directed and two are independent. Centers vary from week to week, but these are some of the most often included: Writer’s Corner, Creativity Station, Construction Center, Literacy, Math Center, Pretend and Gross Motor. After 8-10 minutes, children switch centers, rotating through each by the end of center time. The small groups of centers lend themselves well to one-on-one student/teacher time.



Snack time follows centers. Each day one child is responsible for bringing a snack to share with the class.


Closing Circle Time  

Second Circle brings our day to a close with a group activity, a second read aloud, etc. We also use part of this time to de-brief and talk about the day.


End of Day Routine/Dismissal


Chapel Time

On Thursdays the children enjoy Chapel Time. We make a “train” and chug our way into the church sanctuary for some songs and a Bible story. One Thursday a month Pastor Sarah Sedgwick joins the Pre-K students and teachers to tell the Bible Story. Often on Thursdays we will do a group art project and/or do some group games and activities.