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Mount Rock Cemetery

Mount Rock Cemetery is located on Oakland Avenue in Lewistown.  It has been owned and managed by the Lewistown Presbyterian Church since 1978.  Mount Rock Cemetery came to the Lewistown Presbyterian Church through the Woods family. The cemetery was a private enterprise until coming under our church’s care in 1978.

The Board of Directors is comprised of members of our church.  James Leister is the Finanacial Secretary and Manager of the cemetery.  Members of the Board are:  James Leister – Manager, George Buchanan, Marjorie Caldwell, J. Carl Haldeman, Michael Mowery, Eugene Wheeler and Jack Wilson.

Today Mount Rock Cemetery contains about 4,000 graves, the number of family names on the tombstones number over 1,000.  It also has a section dedicated to American Legion Veterans and a pet cemetery, located in the back part of the cemetery.  In addition to the cemetery as presently seen, the cemetery owns a large acreage of land immediately adjacent which can very easily be added.  In fact, plans are now being made for the development of a very attractive area from which approximately 1,300 additional lots will be available in the near future. Many choice lots are available in the developed portions of the cemetery and are priced at $200 per grave site, including perpetual care.

Interested persons should contact James Leister, Cemetery Manager at 717-994-3730.  If you are not familiar with the location, it is reached by going north on Spring Street from East Walnut and then right from Spring Street onto Oakland Avenue.