17 E. Third Street, Lewistown, PA 17044

12 step groups

Alcoholics Anonymous

In 1986 there were only two AA groups meeting in Lewistown, one at the Lutheran Church on Third Street and the other at the Lewistown Hospital.  “Bob M”, a member at the time, thought a beginners meeting was necessary and contacted the Lewistown Presbyterian Church for permission to open such a meeting there.  Thus a third meeting was established.

By 1988, with the advent of re-habilitation centers, there was a large influx of persons contacting AA about attending meetings.  “Gene M.” and “Denny” asked Reverend Hinderliter if a Wednesday night meeting could be held at the church.  Permission was given by session.  The name “Living Sober” was selected and this meeting was an instant success.  The first meeting was held on May 4, 1988.  In early 1989, a Saturday morning meeting was established.  These three separate groups were joined and eventually merged into the Living Sober Group.  Subsequently three more noon meetings were added for a total of six weekly meetings.  The group is now the largest AA in District 50.

In 2008 two Al-Anon meetings were added.  Al-Anon is a support group for families of alcoholics.

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous was orginally established in Mifflin County at “Clear Concepts” in 1996 as part of their service.  It was suggested that the group should “branch out” and Narcotics Anonymous meetings were started at Lewistown Presbyterian Church in 1998.  There are four meetings held each week.  The group meeting at the church is known as the “Drug Freedom Group.”